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D E & C L Bailey


Use of Fork Lift Trucks on the Public Highway


When a truck is defined as a "Works Truck" it must still be registered and the appropriate rate of duty paid. Please note that electrically propelled trucks are licensed in the Electric Vehicle taxation class. There is currently an exemption from the payment of Vehicle Excise Duty for such machines but they must still be registered and display a "null" tax disk.

Applications for the first registration and licensing of Fork Lift Trucks should be made to the nearest local DVLA office. Applications are normally made on form V55/5. When requesting this form it it also worth obtaining copies of:

  • Booklet V355 - Guidance notes for the completion of V55 forms
  • Booklet V355/1 - Notes about taxation classes

The completed documentation should be submitted to the nearest local DVLA office and given the relatively unusual nature of the request it may be worth submitting in person if convenient. The following documents may be expected but will not necessarily apply:

  • Certificate of insurance (Minimum requirement Third Party)
  • Valid test certificate (Will not apply as there is no MOT equivalent for a fork lift truck)
  • Type approval (Will not apply when registering as a Works Truck)
  • The license fee
  • Registration fee
  • Evidence of age of the vehicle

It should be noted that number plates must always be fitted whilst the vehicle is in use on the public road. The form of plate should comply with current requirements. Plates are required on the rear of the vehicle or alternatively on either side.

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