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D E & C L Bailey

  1. Health and Safety failures cost Britain up to £18 billion each year
  2. 400 people every year are still killed in accidents caused by work activities
  3. Around 25 million working days are lost every year as a result of work related accidents and ill health
  4. Around 2 million people - 5% of the population - suffer from ill health caused by work
  5. Over a million workers get injured every year
  6. Around half a million people suffer from stress caused by their work
  7. The most common forms of work related accidents are back problems which causes 10 million working days to be lost each year
  8. In 1998/99 there were almost 29,000 major injuries to workers
  9. In the same period another 131,000 workers had to take more than 3 days off work as a result of a work related injury
  10. More than 24,000 members of the public were injured as a result of a work activity
  11. Every year around 3000 people die as a result of exposure to asbestos
  12. Falls from a height are the most common cause of death to employees
  13. Workers in small manufacturing firms are more than twice as likely to be killed than workers in larger firms in the same sector
  14. Self employed people are twice as likely to be killed at work as employees
  15. Workplaces with safety representatives have half the accident rate of workplaces of workplaces who don't have such representatives
  16. The fatal injury rate for employees in Great Britain is a quarter of what is was in 1971
  17. Great Britain has a lower rate of deaths to workers than America or any other European country
  18. The rate of deaths per 100,000 workers is 3.7% in Germany, 4.3% in France and 1.7% in Great Britain
  19. The cost of work related accidents and ill health to employers is £140 - £300 for each worker employed
  20. The cost of work related accidents and illnesses is estimated at between £3.5 billion and £7.3 billion a year
  21. Over £180 million could be saved in work related accidents in the construction industry alone
  22. Around 1 in 5 workers have been physically attacked or threatened by a member of the public
  23. Some insurers offer discounts of up to 20% if employers can demonstrate good health and safety arrangements
  24. Over 25,000 people are forced to give up work every year as a result of work related accidents and ill health